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  • Elite hacking update

    uz sa to blizi, tu je preview... tak uz je to live, dva nove hacking skily
    Posted to PlanetSide (Forum) by bezi on Mon, Feb 25 2008
  • Re: Dev uplink - Phantasm nerf, Gunship boost, CE boost, BlackOps...

    a uz je to na serveroch :)
    Posted to PlanetSide (Forum) by bezi on Mon, Aug 27 2007
  • Update 9.8.2007

    tak nam chlapci z areny zase pomenili skills...a mam dojem ze ritu chcu uplne zrusit ...tu je este link na samostatny clanok k tomu Favor of the Gods... Update - Thursday August 9 Favor of the Gods Changes To ensure that all territories share in the...
    Posted to Guild Wars (Forum) by alg on Fri, Aug 10 2007
  • Re: Update

    linky nie, kedze updaty su stale len jedna linka... ...ale inac som za akekolvek funkcne riesenie
    Posted to Guild Wars (Forum) by alg on Thu, Jul 19 2007
  • Update - Tuesday July 17

    Update - Tuesday July 17 Bug Fixes Fixed a bug that corrupted geometry on Intel 915, 945, and 965 graphics chips. Fixed a Party Search issue that caused some players to crash. Fixed the district drop-down list so that it no longer displays unavailable districts and territories. Fixed a map error in D'Alessio...
    Posted to Guild Wars (Forum) by alg on Wed, Jul 18 2007
  • Koniec superpackov :)

    podla fora uz su komplet zakazane The Super Medkit, Super Stimpack, and Super Armor Kit should now be disabled for everyone, including those who have attained the corresponding awards. This was supposed to be done a long time ago and we apologize for the delay.
    Posted to PlanetSide (Forum) by bezi on Tue, Jul 17 2007
  • Update

    taky netradicky update... Enrico Pallazo (Thom Terrazas) odchadza do Vanguard teamu nahradil ho Xahn (Glenn Snyder) z SWG, EQ atd, Palladius-QA zjavne nahradzuje VoidRage...
    Posted to PlanetSide (Forum) by bezi on Mon, Jun 18 2007
  • Update 17.jun

    veeela zmien na skiloch PvE Skills We will be evaluating these new skills over the course of the next week. It is likely that we will make playbalance adjustments to them during that time. Players can now acquire twenty new PvE-only skills. There are ten Sunspear...
    Posted to Guild Wars (Forum) by bezi on Mon, Jun 18 2007
  • Update - Thursday May 24

    takze v skratke...vsetky (aj prophecies a factions) crafter armory uz podporuju insignie existujuce lvl20 crafted armory maju povodne inherent bonusy replacnute za insignie cena novych bola upravena tu su detaily Update - Thursday May 24 Automated Tournaments Players can now speak with Tolkano [Tournament...
    Posted to Guild Wars (Forum) by alg on Fri, May 25 2007
  • Update

    sem by sme mohli davat infa o novych updatoch, nech nemame kopu threadov o updatoch
    Posted to Guild Wars (Forum) by alg on Fri, May 25 2007
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