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Posted: Tue, Jan 9 2018 9:51

The biggest selling point of Public Works Administration is that they do not have limitations of traditional applications, namely the limited ability to work with only one platform. This means that PWA must be as progressive as possible and run as many platforms as possible. They should be able to work with any browser owned by the user. Public Works Administration cannot be called a Public Works Administration if it can not work with some browsers or operating systems. Progressive improvement is one of the key factors that set PWA apart from traditional applications, and before offering your application in this format, you need to make sure that it can indeed work with every type of browser available on the market.


It is known that Internet users get access to the Internet from mobile, Laptops tablets, desktop computers, and other devices. All this must be taken into account. It's foolhardy to assume that everyone who uses your PWA will do this from the desktop. In other words, your Abu Dhabi Local Business should work on mobile devices, tablets, And also on a full-scale desktop. This type of design, where the  Webdesign of the site is configured in accordance with the requirements of the device used, is known as responsive design. Adaptive design, like this, is critical to ensuring the progressiveness and availability of PWA on various devices. The situation when a user tries to use your PWA on mobile devices and will be incapable will not only be disappointing but also be discouraging.

It is generally known that you can not visit the website Profinder UAE that is a UAE Local Listing if you are not using the Internet. But most of their own applications allow you to use them, despite the limited or no connection. PWA, working in an Internet browser, allows users to interact with the application regardless of the connection. This is done by caching application data ahead of time. This caching was made possible through the use of a so-called service worker. The service worker offers a software way to cache resources.

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